Marketing Videos

YouTube is owned by Google and is the #2 search engine. Having video content in your website super-charges organic page rank. Plus, everyone loves watching videos—they engage emotionally more than any other media. When offered on a web page, studies show people are more likely to click on a video than anything else on the page. That’s why video is such an important part of your marketing mix.

Marketing Video Projects

The samples above are:

  • Website Videos (#1, 6)
  • Recruiting Video (#2)
  • Television Spots (#3, 4, 5)
  • Movie Theater Advertising (#3, 4, 5)

Video Production Services

  • Scriptwriting—concept, outline, format
  • Pre-Production—estimates, scheduling, storyboards
  • Casting—selecting and contracting skilled talent
  • Production—directing, lighting, cinematography
  • Post-Production—editing, graphics, digital effects
  • Music—curate, develop, purchase rights
  • Audio—mixing, sound effects
  • Strategic Media Placement