Wine Bottle Design

Once upon a time, our Creative Director lived in Paris for six months. Eric befriended Nicolas, owner of a wine shop in the 7th Arrondissement, who was generous with his knowledge of French varietals and terroir. Needless to say, many bottles were enjoyed! Today, Rogue Design Group is uniquely qualified to help brand your wine business. We’d love to tell the story behind your land, your vines, your passion.


Whether your brand is traditional or contemporary, we believe your wine bottle design should:

1. Inspire a customer to try your wine.
2. Support their experience of enjoying your wine.
3. Help them remember your wine for re-purchase.


Edenvale Winery

After being re-branded by Rogue Design Group, the wines of Edenvale are selling for an additional $10 or more per bottle. That’s a +30% increase in profit.


Two Reds


Reserve Wines



Pinot Gris


Brute Reserve




Crooked Barn Vineyards

Marcos and Heidi Martins said goodbye to Silicon Valley and embarked on a winding road to a Crooked Barn. They took a leap of faith on 68 acres of south-facing hills in Southern Oregon’s Mediterranean climate. Marcos brings an engineer’s determination to grow award-winning Bordeaux-style varietals, nurtured, harvested, pressed, and aged on-site with his own hands. Heidi invites you to raise a glass, breathe deeply, and enjoy excellent grapes that beget excellent wine.









Dos Mariposas

Named for their two little girls, this family-run winery brings their hearts and hands to the earth and vines.


Dos Mariposas


Brand Development

We can help your winery or vineyard with:

  • Logo Design
  • Wine Bottle Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography: bottles, architecture, landscape
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • e-Commerce
  • Wine Club Development
  • Merchandise Design
  • Print Marketing