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Branding is a good story, well told. We can help write a great story for your day spa, and then we’ll bake it into all your marketing tactics—logo, copy, website, print, and more.

Burke Williams

With eleven locations throughout California, Burke Williams is the largest chain of urban day spas in the United States. From 2009-2018, we designed and produced all of their marketing and advertising needs, including brand identity, multiple websites, menus, packaging, television, and radio.

Rogue Design Group created in-house monthly promotions and e-mail blasts to encourage repeat visits and drive gift card sales. We worked directly with the social media team. High-end design and whip-smart copy helped maintain the company’s position as a luxury brand and category leader.



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Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing to give you insight into the talent at Rogue Design Group.

In 2009, I hired Eric Warren and his team to give Burke Williams Day Spa a much needed face-lift. At that time, Rogue Design Group was charged with developing a look and feel for the brand that would attract a new generation of spa-goers, while still honoring the tradition and history of this well-loved California brand.

The first project was to launch our new membership program. Rogue Design Group, quite simply, knocked it out of the park—even though they had never worked in the California spa industry before.

Many people believe building a brand is a function of good design. It is. More importantly, however, it is the result of a team who is willing to immerse themselves in a category. To learn not only the in’s and out’s of the business, but to understand the intellectual and emotional drivers that will lead the target audience to take action. Rogue Design Group dug deep into the California day spa category and its target audience. They developed a look and feel for the brand that would inspire and motivate middle to upper class women in their 30s-60s. In short, they helped develop a brand that lead the target audience to say “that’s a company I want to spend my time with.” Burke Williams was subsequently rewarded with new-found success.

Rogue Design Group partnered with Burke Williams in the depths of the recession, helped turn the company around, and was integral to the brand’s continued prosperity. I have no doubt Eric Warren has the strategic depth and emotional intelligence to develop a brand for any client—even one in a relatively new category—that will thrive and stand the test of time.

They will always receive my highest recommendation.

Sandra Miller
VP of Marketing, Burke Williams (2008-2017)
Marketing Director, Glen Ivy Hot Springs (2017-Present)