Government Works

Having worked extensively with city, county, and state agencies, we understand the responsibilities of governing bodies. Rogue Design Group has the patience, determination, and ability to hear the wide variety of voices needed to make a project successful. Below are two of our most recent case studies.

Oregon Conservation Corps

In January 2023, Rogue Design Group was awarded a competitive contract from the State of Oregon to raise $1 million to support the Oregon Conservation Corps. The OCC employs young Oregonians to clear our land of the hazardous fuels that feed wildfires. The program is designed to create fire-adapted communities, while training the workforce of tomorrow.

We designed the OCC logo, website, social media, and four videos. The campaign raised $1.2 million in just four months, and the Oregon Legislature subsequently added another $10 million to the program.

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Ashland Japanese Garden

For thousands of years, Japanese gardens have been carefully designed to inspire calm, encourage wonder, symbolize renewal, and heal the soul. Incorporating water, rocks, plants, and simple ornamentation, a Japanese garden brings these elements together to create a tranquil retreat.

In August 2022, Rogue Design Group was awarded a competitive contract from the Ashland Parks and Recreation Department to create the branding, signage, and marketing for the grand opening of the newly renovated Ashland Japanese Garden in Lithia Park. The event drew over 2000 citizens from around the Rogue Valley and beyond.

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